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Jessica for SOUP 2014

Mr.Mr. , the last comeback of Girls’ Generation.
no. I refuse to believe that. I don’t know what it is but my heart tells me this isn’t over. I refuse to believe Mr.Mr. is their last album. I refuse to believe this is their last video. I refuse to believe that Jessica is no longer a member. 
We are ot9. Your hear me? Nine. We stand together, we, sone, are a family.  We will never part. We are in eachothers hearts. Brought together by our girls. We support SNSD. 
Jessica is always a member, Jessica is always our ice princess, Jessica is always our MaoMao. We are always hers. We are Indestructible.
Right now, It’s Girls’ Generation.
Tomorrow, It’s Girls’ Generation.
Forever, It’s Girls’ Generation.
We are nine. We are one.

140925 taetiseo / mnet mcountdown backstage

Thank you for everything, Jessi

Wait wait wait where's Jessica going? I'm so far behind on news :c

check allkpop or any other kpop news site like soompi or koreaboo. jessica has been removed from snsd. she’s no longer a member of the group.

public service announcement: i am 100000000% a sone more than anything else. this should be a known fact by now. snsd is my ultimate group of all time in the history of the universe. there is a reason i’m so deeply affected by this. SNSD IS LITERALLY MY LIFE. they have been my life for nearly 5 years now. so if it somehow shocks you or offends you that i’m saying kris leaving exo was not a big deal in comparison to this, sorry but that’s just how it is for ME. snsd »»»» everyone. that’s how it always has been and that’s how it always will be. so don’t be surprised by my feelings and opinions about what’s going on. you can’t even begin to comprehend how important and special snsd is to me. 

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you've experienced in real life. you therefore couldn't possibly know whether their bonds with each other are actually real or just something they've learned over their time in the spotlight to present on camera. in some ways you are right, the situations are completely different and it IS ridiculous to compare them - but i, as well as others i'm sure, did not appreciate that fact that you belittle someone else's pain just because you find yourself in a painful situation as well. that's uncalled

hey man, i was just speaking for MYSELF personally. i wasn’t speaking on behalf of the entire exo fandom. i know they all had a really hard time, so you can relax. i was just stating my own opinions and feelings because to me what snsd has is way more special than anything any other group has, and ever will have. i never saw an “exobond” or felt a strong connection to exo as an “ot12” in the same way i felt with snsd. but i’m not saying those things don’t exist for all exo fans. if exo fans thing exo is like the greatest group of all time, etc. etc. that’s cool. i’ll never feel that way about them but hey, that’s just me. snsd is just waaaaaaaaaaay too high for me. so for ME PERSONALLY, as both a sone and casual exo fan, the two can’t even be compared. what’s going on with snsd is INFINITELY more painful for me, and i imagine the group as well considering most of them have been like sisters for nearly 15 years. 

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